Tuesday, November 17, 2009

A Special Thanks

Today is the Feast Day of our dear heavenly friend, St. Elizabeth of Hungary. St. Elizabeth is the patron saint of bread bakers and we ask for her prayers and intercession daily for our business. Below is the story of St. Elizabeth, our friend and helper.

Birthplace: Bratislava Hungary
Date of Birth and Death: 1207 – 1231

St. Elizabeth was a Hungarian princess who was betrothed at an early age to a German prince and was married at 14 years old. Although she was surrounded by luxury, she a deep concern for those less fortunate than herself and provided bread for hundreds of people at the castle gate every morning and visited the sick twice a day.

St. Elizabeth was a lifelong friend of the poor and gave herself entirely to relieving the hungry. She ordered that one of her castle should be converted into a hospital in which she gathered many of the weak and feeble. She spent all her own revenue from her husband's four principalities, and finally she sold her luxurious possessions and rich clothes for the sake of the poor. http://www.catholicculture.com/

St. Elizabeth of Hungary, pray for us!

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