Friday, August 13, 2010

Hatch Chile's are here!

Hatch is a small farming community in South Central New Mexico about 80 north of El Paso, Texas. It is known as the Chile Capital of the World. These Chile’s have a very short six week growing season from the end of July though August. Don’t be fooled by just the name “Hatch Green Chile’s” in the chain stores all around town because very rarely do these come from the Hatch Valley. The most common variety is a large meaty Chile ranging in size from 7-10 inches. They have a heat range from mild to very hot. These little jewels loss their quality if they aren’t packed and referegated right away. Our Chiles come from Berridge Farms, where they take tremendous care to make sure we get the freshest finest quality Chiles we can buy.

We will be baking a Hatch Green Chile/Sharp Cheddar boule for the Saturday markets. Please come by and see us.

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